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Global expert in providing digital transformation solutions using Artificial Intelligence!

Businesses and enterprises are constantly working towards enhancing experiences. The market dynamics are ever challenging and ask for intensive and action-oriented processes. In this scenario companies are looking for enhanced operational efficiency, maximum resource allocation, and offering industry-specific solutions.

We at Aurify are experts at Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics that makes us your aid in driving better productivity. Our applications across industries and our industry-specific work has made us understand the nuances and deliver optimal solutions.

aurify systems


We understand the pulse of different industries and have devised appropriate applications that can monitor, capture information that is strategically enriched and send real-time alerts facilitating quick decision-making.

aurify systems


Our expert solutions across industries are a testimony of our research-based and in-depth
approach at understanding the need for right information.


The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the retail industry has grown in recent years, giving retailers access to more data and analytics to make informed decision-making and refine their operational strategies.


Video analytics solutions are pivotal in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, as they can be used to automate monitoring, measure productivity, ensure safety compliance, and facilitate surveillance.


Surveillance solutions that monitor incidents around the clock, identify unsafe behaviours, ensure compliance, and create safer workplaces.


We are a Globally trusted company


We capture real-time moments to aid your decision making indices.

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Our operation boasts of progressive technology, diverse applications, and a global clientele.

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We have a Global presence through our partner associations.

Global Clientele

We have served clientele in various regions sensitive to specific requirements.

2000+ Installations

Across bespoke processes and versatile industry landscapes.

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    “Aurify has been our partner since last three years now and we are very satisfied with their store analytics solution deployed across all our fashion brand stores PAN India. We are overall happy with their accuracy levels, remote deployment, dashboards and the flexibility shown during installation and support.”

    LARGE FASHION RETAILER Head of Retail Operations

    “We have implemented facial recognition based Workforce and Visitor Management system since the start of the pandemic, which has helped us to capture staff attendance in a touchless manner. Also managing visitors has become easy with them getting better experience. We have also deployed modules of surveillance that helps us achieve perimeter security and asset protection, which has made our factory environment safer from intruders. Implemented solutions are quite reliable and Aurify team has shown pro-activeness and great flexibility since the start of our engagement, which resulted in smooth rollout of these automated AI based solutions.”


    We have been using Aurify's state-of-the-art machine vision solutions for nearly a year now, and I can say without hesitation that it has been a game-changer for us. Aurify's solution easily connected to our existing CCTV cameras and started providing real-time video analytics almost immediately. Their 5S monitoring feature has significantly improved our workflow. I was particularly impressed by the phone call usage detection feature. With Aurify's system, we've been able to significantly minimize this risk, keeping our staff safer and more focused on the job. Additionally, their customer support is top-notch, and they continuously roll out updates to make the system even more effective & accurate.

    Leading Packaging Material Manufacturer (Group company of a large Conglomerate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Operations Manager

    More than Surveillance

    Quality through imaging, theft detections, predictive maintenance, productivity tracking and much more. At Aurify, our applications will help you not only in next level security with automated surveillance, but reduced operational costs, and a boost in business growth.

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    Empower your business with Artificial Intelligence

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    Getting Started with AI: A Journey of Transformation

    Getting Started with AI: A Journey of Transformation Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer…

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    The Future of Retail: How AI is Shaping the Industry

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    Case Studies

    Jewellery Retail

    Revolutionising the Jewellery Retail experience with StoreScript© across stores PAN India.

    Enhancing Safety

    Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Manufacturing with AI application deployment in Saudi Arabia

    Elevating Worker Safety

    Elevating Worker Safety and Operational Efficiency with automated shop floor monitoring in Manufacturing in India

    Fashion Retailer

    Revolutionizing Retail with StoreScript© Deployment Across 600 Stores

    Transforming Retail Operations

    Transforming Retail Operations with StoreScript© deployment across 500 stores

    Jewellery Retail

    Revolutionizing the Jewellery Retail experience with StoreScript© across 50+ stores

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