Transforming Retail Operations with StoreScript© deployment across 500 stores

Customer Profile

One of India's top-tier fashion retail chains, a flagship of a sprawling conglomerate.

Challenges Faced

They faced a formidable operational challenge across their vast network of stores across their multiple brands.

Lack of centralized visibility across the store network, impeding quick decision-making.
Concerns about data accuracy and potential manipulation.
Need for improved analytics to understand customer behaviour and industry trends.
Labor-intensive, error-prone manual data collection and consolidation causing operational inefficiencies.
Solution Offered

To address these pressing challenges, a comprehensive solution was meticulously crafted:

Introduced advanced customer entry system with automated staff exclusion for real-time footfall data.
Seamlessly integrated gender demographics insights for a deeper customer understanding.
Deployed proximity traffic analysis for comparison with footfall and conversion.
Implemented group counting to track customers shopping together and gain insights into behaviour.
Streamlined checkout with queue management and POS monitoring, optimizing in-store operations.
Conducted successful heatmap pilots to visualize customer traffic and product interest hotspots for store layout improvements.
Introduced intuitive browser-based dashboards for instant access to critical data by decision-makers.
Benefits Realized

The deployment of StoreScript© across the retail chain delivered profound benefits:

Accurate group counting for realistic store traffic data, improving resource allocation and staff scheduling.
Competitive advantage achieved through more effective marketing campaign evaluation, optimizing spend and ROI.
Real-time automated dashboards for prompt decisions based on accurate footfall vs. conversion.
Cost-effective implementation using existing CCTV infrastructure with StoreScript©, minimizing capital expenditure.
Strategic store layout optimization driven by insights from heatmap pilots to enhance customer experiences.