To unleash the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security, a collaborative synergy between AI developers, functional and security experts is indispensable. The resulting benefits will undoubtedly outweigh the investments: businesses will achieve time savings by automating tasks suited for AI, while AI developers will innovate more streamlined and potent solutions driven by AI.

At Aurify, we effectively extend our influence across diverse industries by attentively addressing their unique needs, allowing us to develop and implement tailored solutions. We remain receptive to various industry demands and are committed to implementing specialized solutions as needed.

Revolutionizing Retail with StoreScript©
Deployment Across 600 Stores

One of India's leading fashion retail chains, a cornerstone of a vast conglomerate.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Monitored Productivity
Quality Analysis
Machine Runtime Analysis
Safety Compliance

Warehouse Solutions


Optimised Operations

Predictive Maintenance

Elevating Worker Safety and Operational Efficiency with automated shop floor monitoring in Manufacturing in India

The world's largest bearing manufacturer, with over 100 manufacturing units globally.

Aviation & Hospitality

People Counting System
Facial Recognition Biometrics
Enhanced Supervision
Real-time Safety Compliance

Parking Assistance

Auto Monitoring

Advanced Customer Profiling

Touchless Check-ins

Staff Availability

Automated Surveillance


Touchless Attendance
Visitors Management
Employee Count
Monitoring Seat Occupancy
Productivity Tracking
Customer greetings
Digital Screens
Energy Management
Parking Assistance

We capture real-time moments to aid your decision making indices.

Excellence Record

Our operation boasts of progressive technology, diverse applications, and a global clientele.

Growth Partners Across Multiple Regions

We have a Global presence through our partner associations.

Global Clientele

We have served clientele in various regions sensitive to specific requirements.

2000+ Installations

Across bespoke processes and versatile industry landscapes.

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