PPE compliance, close proximity to hazardous/restricted zones
Worker safety monitoring helps detect person fall, designated pathway violations or unsafe operating methods
System can also detect overcrowding and provide evacuation assistance during emergency situations.

How our client's benefit

Our real-time AI-powered video monitoring system reliably and precisely oversees and minimizes safety risks within your organization with real time alerts, ensuring adherence to safety protocols in workspaces. Our clients have noticed a substantial reduction in workplace incidents, machine downtimes, and lost work hours. Furthermore, on-time project completion has amplified project capabilities, creating opportunities for increased productivity.

Our system ensures

Reduced costs through auto monitoring
Analysed data for strategic planning
Round the clock monitoring with less manual intervention
Result driven measures and business growth

Applicability of these solutions are immense in places like Ports, Manufacturing facilities, Airports, Workshops, Logistics facilities, Construction sites and much more.


We strongly believe that technology enabled automation can make difference by detecting violations and limiting over a period, thus making workplaces and public zones safer. Our surveillance system monitors people's behaviour, activities, and information to gather data, influence actions, manage situations, or direct outcomes. Our AI-powered video analytics system can be used across industries to scan for, and report anomalies in real time.

Control unauthorised entries inside premises by enabling perimeter security feature
Detect presence in restricted areas through intrusion monitoring
Identify suspicious activities and thefts at real time
Receive real time alerts if presence detected in highly secured zones like server rooms, satellite communication areas etc. thus protecting assets
Identify restricted people entry through facial recognition
Camera tampering alerts

How our client's benefit

Our real-time AI-powered video monitoring system precisely engages electronic surveillance that is automated to your specific need. The 24 X 7 surveillance is undeterred with respect to human hour loss and offers uninterrupted service.

Our clients have been able to have

Peace of mind by remote monitoring
Reduced loss, theft, burglary & vandalism
Reduced costs & hassles with less manpower management
No scope of human error


At Aurify, our high potential and automated Artificial Intelligence systems are specialized to detect and report real-time insights from operations and the analytics generated can be used to explore further automation possibilities. Systems can easily integrate with other systems and the output helps different stakeholders understand operations better.

Operations in Manufacturing

Productivity tracking & task duration analysis
Quality analysis through imaging
Zones manned / un-manned tracking
Machine runtime analysis with shutdown alerts
Abnormal movement detection (e.g., robotic arms)
Predictive maintenance
Facial recognition-based use cases

Operations in Retail

Heat maps
Auto audits (Visual merchandising / Zone layouts)
Queue management & billing counters monitoring
Auto-shelf monitoring
Parking assistance and more…

How our client's benefit

Our interface is able to detect any small shift or abnormal behaviours in the working conditions through the aid of cameras and obvious advantage of AI powered services for a seamless operational management. The automated monitoring of employees, infrastructure, and processes ensures-

High Quality Output
Optimised processes with reduced costs
Proactive & strategic measures towards potential challenges

Customer Profiling

Profiling of customers help in understanding your customers better so you can convert more prospects into customers. It can answer the questions of who? what? where? and how? your customers prefer to interact with your business.

Our AI-powered video monitoring system can help you with detailed customer profiling by collecting data on customer behaviour without capturing or storing personal information. Customer personas can be used to improve your marketing and improving customer service.

From capturing the basic customer information of:
Proximity traffic
Gender demographics

To advanced analytics like understanding their behaviour capturing Clothing analytics, Customer trail tracking, Customer views per section, Dwell time at store level or at different categories, Group Counting and many more.

How our client's benefit

Well-curated customer profiles have helped our clients understand their ideal customers better. This helps them review and adapt to new marketing and sales efforts. They could communicate with their audience with a content that resonated with them, improving their overall customer experience.

Analytics captured also helped clients
Creating customer personas
Customer pathways and layout accessibility ease
People statistics for knowing footfall
Demographics for addressing goals & challenges
Segmentation and future automation

Solution caters to different avenues where there is a customer touch point like retail chains, brick-and-mortar business, retail banking / insurance branches, hospitality, showroom formats, supermarkets/malls, airports, rail and events.

End Customer Experience

At Aurify, we believe that the end customer experience is more than just a solution to a need or problem. It is also a value that people are purchasing. That's why we focus on creating customer experience design that is thoughtful. Our process entails their perceptions, emotions, attitudes, actions, and the memories associated with each stage of the customer journey. We want to ensure that each stage of the customer journey is memorable and enjoyable.

Repeat Customer Analysis
Average Customer Visit Frequency
Voice of Customer

How our client's benefit

We believe that our interface in end-customer experiences is able to assist, augment, or amplify the user journey. We feel that each interaction influences someone's buying decision, leading to:

Improved market position
Lesser customer complaints
Reduced operations costs
Enhanced product/service adoption

Lead Generation

High-quality leads are those that are more likely to convert into paying customers. By focusing on generating high-quality leads, you can provide your sales team with a pool of potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer. This can lead to increased revenue from conversions. With our different lead generation strategies for inside and outside of the store, you can attract a large pool of potential customers and identify those who are most likely to convert into paying customers.

Interactive Touchscreen Solution

Intelligence feed to Digital Signage for showing relevant content

How our client's benefit

Our clients benefit from our real-time intelligence reports about the type of visiting customers to the stores. They can thus plan relevant content to be displayed for influencing these customers in different sections. A combination of our application, quality content created by the customer and digital interface can spark conversations and influence prospects to become customers.

Our Lead generation program ensures

Facial Recognition

Technology enables identification of an individual’s identity using face. Based on certain criteria, matching of facial features is done which helps in identification and verification. Applicability of this technology is immense across various industries and identification can be done using images, videos and at real time.

Security & Surveillance: Facial recognition is used to monitor premises and open spaces for identifying and monitoring of specific individuals for enhancing safety.
Repeat Customer analysis: In businesses with customer touch points, technology can enable identification of specific individuals for providing customised services.
Workforce Management: Touchless facial recognition based attendance can be enabled for staff and data can be integrated with HR system.
Access Control: Technology can be integrated with various access control systems to enable controlled access.

How our client's benefit

Next-gen technology adoption with improved accuracies for addressing requirements
Higher customer satisfaction due to receiving improved service
Safer environments by detecting and monitoring restricted individuals
Improves safety record and makes environments safer

To adhere to data privacy regulations, we only identify if there is preauthorisation from an individual.

We capture real-time moments to aid your decision making indices.

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