Successfully providing business solutions for multiple industries!

Aurify Systems offers AI-based solutions that drive automation across diverse business needs, tasks, and processes while capturing advanced analytics. Our expertise in these advanced technologies allows us to serve various industry sectors including, but not limited to - Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate.

Through our multi-model solutions and base technology of machine learning with subsets like deep learning & computer vision, our clients gain deeper operational insights, identify patterns, and consequently, enhance their strategic optimization, ensuring preparedness for the future.

Why Aurify?

Aurify Systems is a leading provider of AI-based technologies. We use machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to deliver value to businesses across a variety of industries. Our goal is to make AI solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes, so that they can automate and optimize their operations for maximum benefit. We achieve this through case studies, thought leadership, and tailored approaches that meet the specific needs of our clients. We are committed to shaping the future of enterprise AI.

Take AI based solutions to enterprises globally irrespective of size to automate and optimize for deriving maximum benefits.

How our customers benefit
by adopting our solutions

Real-Time Analytics

Hi-Tech Security

Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency

Improves Workplace Safety

Accurate Customer Profiling

New Leads and Enhanced End Customer Experience

Better Decision-Making

Accurate ML-Based Predictions

Robust & Scalable

Multiple & Remote Deployment Models

Subscription Based

Custom Trained Models

Our People


Pranita has rich industry experience of over two decades in IT across various verticals like Retail, Manufacturing and Pharma. Her progression from technologist to being a functional specialist helps her understand complete spectrum of requirements and business challenges of a customer. Her forte lies in areas of Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Operations and Business transformation. She has worked in top MNCs like IBM, Capgemini, TCS, Bayer, Ciba and also worked as a freelance consultant. She possesses experience implementing and enhancing SAP Retail processes for various international and domestic luxury fashion houses. Through Aurify's cutting-edge technologies, she believes she can help brands build operational efficiencies, automate and provide real-time analytics for quick decision making.

Pranita Palekar

Co-Founder and CEO

Rishi Palekar

Co-Founder and MD

Rishi has more than two and half decades of IT experience, working across various verticals in domestic and international markets. Having worked in major stints at TCS and HCL and in few companies in the UK, he possesses rich experience of acquiring large customers, building new markets and developing strong customer relationships. He has a technical background, hence this blend of technology, delivery, and sales experience gives him a unique advantage of understanding customer requirements better and help build customised solutions. He believes that through Aurify's next gen solutions of AI, customers would be able to achieve automation, derive higher ROI & business benefits and provide better service to the customers.

We capture real-time moments to aid your decision making indices.

Excellence Record

Our operation boasts of progressive technology, diverse applications, and a global clientele.

Growth Partners Across Multiple Regions

We have a Global presence through our partner associations.

Global Clientele

We have served clientele in various regions sensitive to specific requirements.

2000+ Installations

Across bespoke processes and versatile industry landscapes.

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