Revolutionising the Jewellery Retail experience with StoreScript© across stores PAN India.

Customer Profile

One of India's foremost jewellery retail brands of a prestigious conglomerate.

Challenges Faced

They faced operational challenges across its network of company owned stores.

Manual data recording led to limited insights and potential inaccuracies.
Lack of centralized real-time data access hindered prompt decision-making.
Concerns about data accuracy and manipulation created uncertainty.
Desire to enhance analytical capabilities for better business strategies.
Solution Offered

To tackle these challenges, a comprehensive solution was devised:

Implemented walk-in tracking system with staff auto-exclusion for real-time customer data.
Deployed proximity traffic analysis and gender detection for precise in-store monitoring.
Introduced dwell time analytics to measure customer engagement.
Improved store operations and customer experiences with group counting and queue management.
Enabled staff presence detection and captured store opening/closing times.
Ensured uninterrupted data capture with continuous camera status monitoring.
Benefits Realized

The deployment of StoreScript© yielded transformative benefits:

Real-time conversion dashboards for monitoring of customer journey and sales tracking, revealing behaviour and purchase patterns.
Comprehensive analytics enabled data-driven decision-making and strategy re-evaluation.
Cost-effective StoreScript© implementation utilized existing CCTV infrastructure, reducing capital expenditure.
Low Capex Solution: The implementation of StoreScript© leveraged the retailer's existing CCTV infrastructure, minimizing capital expenditure.
Automation improved operational efficiency and staff productivity.