AI Video Analytics: Revolutionizing Real Estate Security & Operations

The real estate industry faces unique security challenges, from construction site safety to protecting valuable assets and ensuring tenant safety. Traditional security methods often rely on manual monitoring, which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human error. The integration of AI-driven video analytics solutions provided has revolutionized the approach towards real estate security, offering a proactive and intelligent approach to safeguarding your property - ranging from safety protocols during construction to advanced surveillance and efficient facility management.


Construction sites are inherently risky environments. Video analytics solutions ensure worker safety by:

  • Enforcing PPE compliance: The construction phase poses inherent risks, and maintaining strict adherence to safety protocols is non-negotiable. Video analytics ensures worker safety by monitoring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance, thereby mitigating potential hazards and minimizing accidents. These solutions help identify workers without proper safety gear like helmets or harnesses, triggering alerts for immediate corrective action.
  • Detecting entry into unsafe zones: Prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas like electrical panels or scaffolding, mitigating potential accidents. Video analytics acts as a vigilant guardian, promptly detecting any unauthorized entry into restricted or hazardous areas, triggering immediate alerts for necessary intervention.

Video analytics goes beyond passive recording, actively monitoring your property for suspicious activity:

  • Material theft: Deter and detect theft of valuable materials like building supplies or equipment by identifying unauthorized removal attempts. Video analytics serves as a deterrent by actively monitoring construction sites and triggering alerts if any suspicious activity related to material theft is detected
  • Suspicious Activity/Intrusion: Real-time surveillance identifies and alerts authorities to any suspicious activity or intrusion, ensuring a swift response to potential threats before they escalate.
  • Perimeter Security: Maintaining the integrity of the property perimeter is crucial. Video analytics provides real-time monitoring, identifying any breach in the perimeter and allowing for immediate action.
  • Overcrowding alerts: Video analytics offers overcrowding alerts, aiding in managing and controlling the number of individuals within a specific area, promoting a safer environment. Ensure tenant safety and regulatory compliance by monitoring occupancy levels in common areas, preventing overcrowding and potential hazards.
  • Incident detection: From person falls to fire incidents, video analytics is equipped to detect and respond to various incidents promptly, minimizing potential damage and ensuring a rapid response. Be alerted to critical events like falls, fires, or medical emergencies, enabling swift response and minimizing damage.
  • Unattended object detection: Identifying unattended objects is vital for security. Video analytics constantly scans the environment, identifies suspicious packages or objects left unattended raising alarms if any objects are left unattended, preventing potential security threats, promoting vigilance and preventing potential threats.

Video Analytics solutions go beyond security, streamlining facility management for improved efficiency and convenience:

  • Parking assistance: Efficient parking management is simplified with number plate capture technology, ensuring organized and secure parking spaces within the premises. Guide drivers to available parking spaces using number plate capture, reducing congestion and frustration.
  • Unauthorised parking detection: Automatically identify and flag unauthorized vehicles, ensuring designated areas are reserved for authorized vehicles only.
  • Visitor Management (Facial Recognition): Facial recognition technology enhances visitor management, providing a secure and seamless entry process while maintaining a comprehensive record of visitors.
  • Touchless Staff Attendance (Facial Recognition): Modernizing attendance tracking, facial recognition technology eliminates the need for physical touchpoints, ensuring a hygienic and efficient staff attendance process.
  • Access Control Integration (Facial Recognition): Integrating facial recognition with access control systems enhances security by allowing only authorized personnel access to specific areas within the premises.
  • Seat occupancy insights: Be it visitor waiting areas or cafeteria, solution gives insights at real time to manage space efficiently by doing real-time seat occupancy monitoring, improving resource management and providing better experience.
  • Queue management: Optimizing customer experience, queue management alerts staff to potential bottlenecks, facilitating efficient service and minimizing wait times. This helps reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction by monitoring queue lengths and deploying staff efficiently.
  • Real-time people counting: Maintaining a real-time count of people within the premises provides valuable insights into building occupancy, optimizing staffing levels and facility resources, while ensuring compliance with safety and occupancy regulations.
  • Wrong-way vehicle detection: Prevent accidents and ensure traffic flow by detecting vehicles driving in the wrong direction and alert authorities to wrong-side vehicle movement within the premises, preventing potential accidents.
  • Asset protection: Video analytics safeguards valuable assets like satellite dishes or generators by monitoring, promptly identifying and responding to any suspicious activity, including unauthorized access or damage.
  • Suspicious activity during non-working hours: Continuous surveillance during non-working hours ensures a proactive response to any suspicious activity, preventing potential security breaches.
  • Detecting Absence of Staff in Mandatory Zones: Ensuring staff presence in designated zones like security posts or reception desks is crucial. Video analytics alerts management to the absence of staff in mandatory areas, ensuring compliance with safety and security protocols.
  • Camera tampering alerts: Protecting the integrity of the surveillance system, video analytics triggers alerts in case of camera tampering or unauthorized angle changes, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance. Be notified of any attempts to tamper with cameras, ensuring your security system remains operational.
  • Premise cleanliness indicator: Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential. Video analytics provides a cleanliness indicator, ensuring that hygiene standards are upheld. Monitor cleanliness levels in common areas, prompting timely cleaning interventions.
  • Evacuation Assistance during Emergency Situations: In emergency situations, video analytics aids in evacuation by providing real-time occupant location and numbers, facilitating a swift and organized evacuation process.



AI video analytics is not just a security upgrade, it's an investment in the future of your real estate. By proactively mitigating risks, protecting assets, and ensuring the safety of workers and tenants, you create a secure and well-managed environment that fosters trust and value.

Aurify's AI-driven video analytics solutions offer a comprehensive and effective approach to real estate security. From ensuring safety during construction to providing advanced surveillance and optimizing facility management, video analytics is a game-changer in creating secure and efficient real estate environments.

Contact Aurify today and discover how AI-powered video analytics can transform your real estate security and unlock new levels of efficiency and peace of mind.

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