Queue Management  

Automated queue management is possible, helping customers to check-out faster and thus increasing end customer satisfaction.


Heat Map  

Identifies zones that are most visited and otherwise.

Zones manned / un-manned   

Auto monitoring and real time notifications if zones are found un-manned during peak / non-peak hours.



Parking Assistance & Number Plate capture  

Automated assistance to drivers guiding them to empty parking slots. Real time view of how many slots are empty. Also enables number plate capture and provides analysis.

Quality Analysis through Imaging  

Detection of defect at early stage through imaging in the manufacturing process can eliminate significant efforts of testing and also enables defect correction at the early stage.

Seat Occupancy  

Real time view of how many seats are vacant vs. occupied

Task Monitoring  

Productivity tracking can be done by auto task monitoring.


Equipment downtime detection  

Detects stoppage of machine / equipment instantly triggering notifications.

Energy Management   

Integration with BMS can control lights / cooling systems based on presence or absence of humans. Also auto detects lights left on in non-working hours and notify.