Manufacturing & Logistics

Video Analytics solutions are highly useful for auto-monitoring, productivity measurement, safety compliance and for surveillance in Manufacturing and Logistics industry.



Measures task duration thus keeping track of productivity consistency.

Quality Analysis through Imaging  

Detection of defects in quality through imaging at early stage in the manufacturing process can limit the QA efforts and helps in immediate corrective action.

Machine runtime analysis  

Give analysis of machine run time on periodic basis. Also real time alerts in case if machine comes to a halt.

Safety Compliance  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance check at real time identifies workers who aren’t safety compliant in terms of not wearing helmets, safety jackets, boots and more.

Warehousing Solutions  

Makes environments safety compliant though PPE non-compliance monitoring, task measurement, helps measure duration of loading / unloading on trucks, counting of cartons, carton detection in restricted places, auto-detect human presence post work hours, facial recognition based access control to various entry points, wrong vehicular movements, vehicle time tracking and more.



Our surveillance solutions make environments safer with Perimeter Security, Intrusion Detection, Incident & Anomaly Detection, Thefts / Suspicious Activities, Asset Protection, Crowd gathering, detect worker proximity near accident prone zones, real time detection of restricted individuals, unattended objects detection, wrong directional vehicular movements and more.