The agricultural sector would face enormous challenges coping up with demands due to population growth. Agriculture consumes 70 per cent of the world's fresh water supplies and this sector isn't optimized for sustainable farming.
Aurify Systems introduces Artificial Intelligence based solutions in agriculture sector to empower and the organizations to optimize and monitor the health of farm.

Smart Irrigation

Auto start and stop the drip irrigation based on the schedule planned by a farmer

Key Benefits
  • Reduced wastage of water and nutrients
  • Reduced labor
  • Timely irrigation
  • Optimal quantity of water

Qualitative Analytics

Assess suitability of land for the crop by analyzing soil, topography and climatic limitations

Analyze satellite images of the region by using 'Deep Learning' technology

Sensor based technology to measure soil properties like soil nutrient levels and pH, soil air permeability, moisture content etc

Asses 'plant stress' of the perennial crops by capturing the images of the plants and leaves and analyze using 'Deep Learning' technology

Quantitative Analytics

Count the plants which already exists in the farm

Capture the images of the farm through various techniques

Deep learning algorithm to count the number of plants (and/or fruits in the farm

Verify the vegetation consistency i.e. relative proportion of various types of crops in the region


Periodic qualitative and quantitative analysis of the farm

Notifications based on variations in weather conditions which could harm the yield

Report the 'Plant stress levels' and in case of imbalance, highlight the reasons behind it.

Possible reasons could be: Excess or less water irrigation, less or more sun light exposure, temperature beyond threshold, insects and diseases, excess use of pesticides etc

Report the weight or count of the produce

Predict the final yield of the farm Schedule water irrigation for the farm