Energy & Utilities

Our AI based solutions help this industry in having 24x7 surveillance which diligently monitors and keeps a check on incidents, suspicious activities and monitors safety compliance making those workplaces safer to work in.

Safety Compliance  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance check at real time identifies workers who aren’t safety compliant in terms of not wearing helmets, safety jackets, boots and more.


Our surveillance solutions make environments safer with Perimeter Security, Intrusion Detection, Incident & Anomaly Detection, Thefts / Suspicious Activities, Asset Protection, Crowd gathering, detect worker proximity near accident prone zones, real time detection of restricted individuals, unattended objects detection, wrong directional vehicular movements and more.


Facial Recognition biometrics  

Our accurate facial recognition technology helps in identifying individuals at real time which can be for the purpose of identifying Repeat Customers, Restricted Individuals, granting access to secured zones, Attendance Tracking and Visitor’s Management System.

Equipment monitoring  

Real time monitoring of equipment to detect stoppage, damage or thefts.