Automated solutions provide many features which are extremely beneficial in Corporate environments from monitoring, authentication, access control to tracking during emergency situations.


Touchless Attendance  

Facial Recognition based attendance makes the process touchless and can be integrated with HR system.

Facial Recognition (FR) based Visitor’s Management  

FR based process of registering gives the visitor a unique and pleasant experience which is also a touchless process.

Real time view of Employees  

Through combination of people counting and facial recognition, real time view of number of employees inside premises can be determined which is extremely useful during emergency situations.

Seat Occupancy   

Very relevant to businesses like BPO / KPO where seat occupancy tracking is prevalent as part of employee productivity monitoring. Also relevant in places like waiting areas and cafeterias.

Facial Recognition based customer identification and greetings  

Gives a pleasant experience to visitors and customers.


Our surveillance solutions make environments safer with Perimeter Security, Intrusion Detection, Incident & Anomaly Detection, Thefts / Suspicious Activities, Asset Protection, Crowd gathering, detect worker proximity near accident prone zones, real time detection of restricted individuals, unattended objects detection, wrong directional vehicular movements and more.


Digital Screens  

Utilise the variety of digital screens available which can be used to display corporate contents, status updates, meeting room schedules or for welcoming customers.

Pandemic Solutions  

Solutions like regulating the entrants in a premise, mask/social distancing non-compliance and crowd gathering helps control measures during the difficult pandemic situations.

Energy Management   

Solution can identify electricity wastage by detecting lights or moving appliances left on during non-working hours. Also through integration with BMS, smart lighting can be enabled and controlled through person detection.

Parking Assistance  

Automated detection of vacant places available for parking along with assistance to the vehicle drivers. Also extracts number plate and records time stamp of entry and exit.