Banking and Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence technology based solutions help banks to understand their customers better and make the environments safer.


Branch Analytics  

Solution can at real time identify whether the entered individual in the branch is an existing customer (using facial recognition) or not and can provide additional analytics about them. It can also provide additional features like Queue Management at Cash counters, Monitoring if specific sections are manned / un-manned, provide Heat Map, identify restricted individual’s entry at real time and more.

ATM Surveillance  

Real time notifications are triggered if any suspicious activity or actions get detected in the premises under surveillance. Also individuals with masked faces, entry of multiple people at one time, restricted individual’s entry also gets detected at real time.


Our surveillance solutions make environments safer with Perimeter Security, Intrusion Detection, Incident & Anomaly Detection, Thefts / Suspicious Activities, Asset Protection, Crowd gathering, detect worker proximity near accident prone zones, real time detection of restricted individuals, unattended objects detection, wrong directional vehicular movements and more.