Our easily deployable solutions help FMCG companies to plan and enables them to capture analytics before, during and post promotions, which helps them measure success of those activities and understand customer’s satisfaction index.


Effectiveness of Promotions  

Capture analytics of customers visiting specific zones like number of people, gender, age and emotions.

Safety Compliance  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance check at real time identifies workers who aren’t safety compliant in terms of not wearing helmets, safety jackets, boots and more.


Lead Generation  

Interactive screen based kiosks help in showing interactive video content which helps potential buyers to understand displayed products better and displays mechanism to purchase, capture feedback about the displayed products and provide comparative customer profiling analytics.

Additionally, through customer profiling, real time intelligence can be fed to digital signage to show dynamic content relevant to people walking around.


AI based Intelligent Recommendations, Smart Search, Personalised Home Page and Conversational Commerce helps in higher conversion and increases customer satisfaction of the online shoppers.