Aurify - Count store walk-ins

Monitor number of customers Entering & Exiting the Stores / Branches / Offices

Helps control number of people through People Counting technology. Keeps counting the number of customers entering and exiting on real time basis and alerts as soon as the number reaches threshold. Automated way of controlling number of people in the premises with alerting feature and very useful in case of multiple entrances.

Aurify - Shopper’s behavioral insights

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance

Detect and alert non-compliance: Helmets/Protective Suits/Boots/Masks/Gloves. System continuously keeps checking safety compliance of the visitors or staff through CCTV cameras and would alert in case of detection of a person who is non-compliant. Wearing of masks and suits are going to be the ‘new normal’ at various places hence having a system to detect non-compliance would be very useful eliminating manual monitoring.

Aurify - Identify repeat customers

Social Distancing

Monitor and alert in case defined distance between individuals isn’t maintained. Auto monitoring and alerting in case of distance not getting maintained, either inside premises or in queues.

Aurify - Retail Promotions predictive analysis

Action Detection

Detect and alert actions like Sneezing, Coughing at relevant places. In crowded places, stores, food zones, restaurants, manufacturing units etc. where staff / customers not taking precautionary measures while sneezing / coughing wouldn’t be desired hence identifying such actions would definitely be required.

Temperature Capture  

Reading from thermal camera can be integrated triggering alerts if they exceed threshold. Integration of multiple thermal cameras can be done into the application with automated alerting in case if any person gets detected with temperature above the set threshold.

Crowd Gathering  

Crowd monitoring can be done through person detection and people counting technology and instant alerts can be sent in case the crowd starts gathering without maintaining social distancing.

Facial Recognition based  
Workforce Management  

Provides touchless Attendance System using Facial Recognition technology. Works through independent camera as well as through android based phones. System can be integrated with HR system as well. During these pandemic times, it is imperative to migrate to touchless systems from card based or finger biometric systems.

Facial Recognition based  
Visitors Management System  

Provides touchless Visitor’s Management System using Facial Recognition technology. Provides touchless experience to Visitors and Contractors which is a safer way of capturing information and providing access.