Who We Are

Empowering business with goodness of
Artificial Intelligence

 Aurify Systems provide Artificial Intelligence based solutions enabling automation for various business requirements, tasks & processes and captures advanced analytics.

 Our Forte in these advanced technologies help us cater to different industry verticals like Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate and more.

 Our multi-model solutions coupled with machine learning & deep learning technologies enable our customers to understand their operations better and derive patterns, which helps strategize, optimize and be future ready.

Why Aurify

Aurify Systems has gained extensive experience on various AI based technologies by working on multiple projects in different industries, which have created value in businesses, improvised operations, introduced automations and reduced spend.

Our solutions utilize technologies of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. We specialise on providing analytics on Data, Image and Videos.

Vision: Take AI based solutions to every enterprise irrespective of size to automate and optimize for deriving maximum benefits.

How our customers benefit by adopting our solutions: